Copper Bee Apiary

A garden apiary in Whittlesford, Cambridge, UK - honey bees and their beekeeper Hilary van der Hoff.

July forage

July is a good time of year for foraging honeybees. Stourbridge Common and Ditton Meadows are within 200 m of the apiary, and the bees are busy there. Here's what we found them foraging on:


Thistles are a source of abundant nectar, if the scent of honey in the air around them is anything to go by.


It seems early this year - July blackberries! In the second picture (click on the image to expand it), you can see a full pollen basket on the worker's leg.

Himalayan balsam

Spot the honeybee

If you can find the honeybee in this picture, you might be able to see that the back of its thorax is white with pollen from the plant. The bees enter the flowers, stay inside for a couple of seconds, then reverse out.

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