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Smith Honey

The Smith bees have produced a magnificent crop of honey. We extracted honey from a super that was put on the hive on 2nd April and removed on 31st July. It's a clear amber runny honey:

Smith honey, lot#310716

Smith honey, lot#310716


At the risk of sounding pretentious, I'm going to say that it has minty notes and an undertone of juniper.

There were quite a few air bubbles in it, especially in the last few jars to be drawn off the settling tank. Possibly I should have left it in the settling tank for longer. The photograph to the right is taken during jar filling, and the honey did clear on standing but the bubbliest jars still have a shallow layer of small bubbles remaining on top.

We filled 12 hex jars, and two larger jars.


Jar filling:

Yes, yes, I was so intent on taking photographs that I overfilled the jar. Luckily I did just manage to close the tap before honey overflowed on to the kitchen worktop.


Thank you Smith bees.

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