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Very sloe sorbet

I’ve got a batch of sloe gin on the go (made with honey instead of sugar, of course) and the other day I separated the gin from the sloes, pouring the gin into a new demijohn to continue its maturation. Which left behind a demijohn full of gin-soaked sloes.

Sloes (and bullace)

Filtering sloe mash

I decided to make sloe gin jam. However, as you will gather from the fact that this post is entitled “very sloe sorbet”, the jam plan didn’t work out. Despite my appeals to the pectin gods, it didn’t set. So after two evenings of trying to make “quick sloe gin jam”, I changed tack and decided to try sorbet. I added even more honey to the liquid obtained after boiling and mashing the gin sloes, and put it in the freezer. Over the course of a day, with periodic stirring, it froze to a “soft scoop” consistency.

Very sloe sorbet

And, it’s absolutely wonderful, if I do say so myself. I’ve called it “very sloe sorbet” because the sloe flavour is very strong, but it’s balanced by the sweetness of the honey. Perfect for eating outside in this lovely Easter weather.

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